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Hello There.

I’m a writer and consultant with a soft spot for design, policy and anything to do with making the world a better place. I do words, ideas, policy and strategy.

If you’re an editor, small business or social+sustainable organisation and you need some of that stuff, get in touch. I’d love to talk.

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What I Do

Want your small business or social+sustainable organisation to reach more people and do more good?

Stupid question – of course you do. And for the record, when I say ‘do more good’, I’m talking about good for you as well as your customers or cause. Because at the end of the day, if you’re not enjoying your work or getting paid enough, what you’re doing is not sustainable – never mind even getting to the environmental stuff.

Which leads me neatly to the other thing. When I say social+sustainable I am talking about social purpose and sustainability – but I’m also talking about being outwardly social and financially sustainable. Because regardless of your charitable status or business goals, you can’t do any good if you’re not doing good business.


  • Copywriting

    Intelligent, creative & jargon-free words: naming, straplines, adverts, online, in print, whatever – wherever.

  • Insight + Ideas

    Creative, strategic and sustainable thinking for clever policy and future-proofed business strategy.

  • Engagement

    Excite your people, learn from your stakeholders and connect with your customers.

  • Sustainability Comms

    Have the conversations you want to have; sustainability doesn’t need to be a battle.

  • Policy Development

    For public sector, non-profits, CSR or NGOs. Research, consult, negotiate, iterate. Then do it again.

  • Website copy + SEO

    21st century way finding: clear, compelling copy written for humans, but readable by robots.

  • Editorial + Journalism

    I’m available for features, interviews, news, reviews, op-ed’s and blogs – name your need.

  • Branding Advice

    Branding consultancy, tone of voice, propositions, ‘About Us’ pages, core messaging.

  • Content strategy

    Keep your current audience engaged while attracting new ones at the same time.

  • Research + Reports

    Trend reports, surveys, market analysis, annual reports, white papers, communications audits.

  • Social Media

    Which ones to use, and how to use them properly. Training, set-up and management strategies.

  • Speeches + PR

    Press releases, speech writing, CEO statements and comments, press liaison and public relations advice.



The Power of Telling Your Story

Stephen Sutton is a man with a story to tell. An incredible, inspirational and all-too-short story. In case he’s managed to pass you by in recent weeks, Stephen Sutton is a 19 year old teenager who’s raised over £3 million for charity. He also has incurable cancer. As someone who knows a bit about being treated for cancer, […]

The Business of Ideas, cityscape, high rise towers

The Business of Ideas

This post was originally published in The Ideas Arcade  Last week The Ideas Arcade was lucky enough to snag tickets to TEDxCardiff: the Welsh capital’s independently organised TED Talk extravaganza. As the mighty Yoda might say (we’ve been having a bit of a Star Wars renaissance recently)  – disappointed, we were not.


Francesca Wakefield

Writer. Editor. Ideasmith.

As well as being here to help you grow an amazing social+sustainable organisation, I’m also the founder and editor of online magazine The Ideas Arcade: a hub to help us think different, work smarter, play more and live better.

I have over six years of experience working in communications, investment, research, CSR and public policy. I’ve written for local and national publications, worked with creative design agencies and advised companies and governments on subjects ranging from social media through to EU policy. I’m also an RSA Fellow and have a first class degree in politics.

What all this means? That you can be sure I understand where you’re coming from – and that I have the insight and experience to get you where you want to go.

I also volunteer with several fantastic organisations including Breast Cancer Care, Macmillan and the Bristol Pound; so you can also be sure I care about helping others and making a difference.

When I’m not reading, writing or helping clients you can most likely find me in my garden, climbing rocks or taking photos. And nearly always with a cup of tea nearby…

Nice things people have said about me:

“It’s no exaggeration to say that Francesca revolutionised the way I describe and market my social enterprise over the course of three phone calls. Her input to the IF project was invaluable, whether in the form of bringing clarity and new-found effervescence to our written messaging or setting the strategic direction of a wider communications plan. She is insightful, inspiring and very easy to work with. If you’re currently growing a small business, charitable project or social enterprise I would highly recommend giving Francesca a call.”

Jonny Munday – Co-Founder, The IF Project 

“Francesca’s expertise and advice has really helped us to communicate more clearly what Auntie Daisy is all about, allowing us to articulate the balance between our commercial and social aims.  She has helped us at all levels, from thinking strategically about what our brand represents, all the way to directly advising us on copy and messages.  Thanks Francesca!”

Matt Lill – Co-Founder, Auntie Daisy

Say hello

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I’m super friendly and like nothing more than talking through a new idea.

If you’re a small business or ethical organisation I’ll give you 30 minutes of advice for free; no strings, and no commitment. Nothing to lose.

For agencies and larger corporates any initial chat about what you need is also always free of charge.

And I’m always open to collaborations or writing commissions…

francesca [at] francescawakefield [dot] com